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Konitz/Inderbergis a versatile saxophonist with a natural spontaneity of expression. His playing sythethises many different styles, not least when in partnership with Norwegian and American jazz musicians - players as contrasting as Gil Evans and Lee Konitz.

Inderbergs soprano and baritone sax can be heard on a wide range of recordings and, besides his performing career, he is a professor at The department of Music NTNU.

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Brain researchers Edvard and May-Britt Moser from NTNU ended their Nobel lecture in Stockholm on 7 December. 2014 with a music video where music professors from NTNU improvise over a Norwegian folk tune. The video features John Pål Inderberg on the soprano saxophone, with jazz poetry based on words and phrases from the Mosers' research. Bjørn Alterhaug plays bass, composer Henning Sommero plays accordion and barks, and Kristoffer Lo plays the tuba. Listen:

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